about this blog (hello world?)

Hello World!

Since I have a lot of things to say on almost about everything, I decided to write my own blog (again, I tried before – after one post I forgot to update my old blog).

My name is Jv and I’m a toy collector since I was 7 years old. My very first collection was the Dino Megazord which I still have inside my room. I collect most of the Power Ranger stuff that I know, Pokemon PVCs that I can buy and Green Arrow stuff that I can get.

Toy collection is an investment that’s why I figured that I should maximize my toy’s potential by taking photos of them – this is when I started having interest in photography, in toy photography especially.

This blog will mostly discuss very random things ergo the blog name “JUST VERY RANDOM” a.k.a. JV Ruanto (thanks to my witty friend CJ) I was thinking, Random Red or The Random Collective. <insert LOL emoji>

I hope the readers of this blog would be interested in what I have to write about the stuff i love and like.