Toy Review: Nendoroid 1761 Phoenix Wright

During the early 2000’s CAPCOM released one of the most interesting role-playing games to the market, The Ace Attorney series. I knew about the game when I started playing it on my Nintendo DS Lite and it was an instant favorite. I liked how this game would make you think and deduce like an attorney at law. The main thing that made this game very interesting would be the complex storylines and relatable characters. The main protagonist of this series became my favorite character from the game – I’m talking about Phoenix Wright!

The Good Smile Company announced that they would be producing Nendoroid figures for Phoenix and Miles and it made me very excited. The last and probably the only articulated figure I have of Phoenix would be the Figma action figure.


That’s why I was very happy that they decided to make a Nendoroid figure from this game series. Next year would be as exciting as we get to see more characters such as Apollo and Maya. For today’s review, I’ll be doing a quick toy unboxing and review on the Nendoroid Phoenix Wright figure!

Thanks to our friends from KG Figures for sending us this amazing figure for review. Check out their page to see more figures up for pre-order or sale!


Box Design

The box design is rather simple and compact – similar to most of the new releases from Nendoroid. The main thing that makes it distinct would be the colors since it’s matching the character’s costume or suit. I liked that the new Nendoroid boxes are smaller, which means we can get more and have lesser storage issues.



Be sure to be on the lookout for genuine seals to ensure that you’re getting only legitimate products and not fake ones. Only purchase from your trusted resellers and distributor, in my case – I get from KG Figures.



First Thoughts

I liked that they made an accurate “chibified” version of Phoenix Wright – the suit is very game accurate and what makes the figure very character accurate would be the eyebrows – Phoenix always had that cool eyebrow pattern. I also liked that the figure had joints similar to the hero Nendoroid figures.


What’s Inside the Box?

The Good Smile Company never disappoints when it comes to the accessory set on their Nendoroid toys and this set is no exception. The set includes different face plates, interchangeable hands, the court pedestal, the default figure stand and base, a hand-holding Magatama, a paper prop, a Psyche-lock effect, and different call-outs in different languages!






The call-outs from the game are very distinct as you get to use them throughout the game when you’re presenting pieces of evidence or contradicting statements. The call-outs come in three different languages – English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.


Figure Articulation and Details

The Nendoroid figure is made out of painted plastic and stands at approximately 100mm in height. The Phoenix Wright figure has full articulations on the arms as it can bend however, the legs are the standard peg-type part.





The hands and face plates are interchangeable so you can switch them out depending on how you want to pose or display the figure.



The thing I like about the figure is also its paint applications, the color is really game-accurate and even the facial expressions included in the set represent the characters accurately.

Overall Rating

Saying that I am really happy with the figure might be an understatement but if you’re a fan of the game as I am – I’m sure you also would feel the same. I am looking forward to collecting all Nendoroid releases for The Ace Attorney series. I hope they would make more as I plan to get them all!


Stay tuned for my next review – since Phoenix is my favorite protagonist from the game – I also have my favorite anti-hero, Miles Edgeworth!

If you want to order your own Nendoroid figure, check out KG Figures! There are also some pre-order figures listed on their page, so go check them out!


Here are some photos I took from the Nendoroid Phoenix Wright set – as you can tell – this set inspired me to shoot!