Toy Review: S.H.Figuarts Wonder Woman (Justice League)

The last time we had a live-action Wonder Woman was during the late 70’s played by the great Lynda Carter and when it was announced that a new Wonder Woman actress will be making an appearance on the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice; most DC fans were excited and thrilled especially when it was revealed that it will be portrayed by Gal Gadot.

Her appearance in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie was very short that we didn’t get a chance to know the character very well. Lucky for us, she had her stand-alone movie, Wonder Woman, which proved to be one of DC Films’ bet movie release to date.

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Bandai’s S.H.Figuarts already released a handful of DC figures from both the movie and the Injustice versions of the DC characters and so far the quality of the figures are improving.

Here’s the packaging of the Wonder Woman figure – it’s actually small but it packs a good set of accessories for the Wonder Woman figure.


The set includes the Wonder Woman figure, 2 extra set of interchangeable hands, lasso (coiled and uncoiled), a shield and her “God Killer” sword.




The figure has many points of articulation making the figure very easy to pose. My only concern with this figure would be the articulation on the shoulder part – I think Bandai should’ve made it appear seamless.. It’s quite distracting to look at that the shoulder part looks that it has extra skin or muscle popping out of its body.


I really like how they made copied the entire suit from the movie – the details are very accurate and the paint apps are nicely done. Even the minute details form the suit are accurately made from the textures down to even the battle damages on the suit.




I actually expected that they’ll be doing the knee and knee guards/pads separate but they just made the guards/pads part of the knee joints – I think it would be better if the knee guards were separate.





Also, I like how they made this figure very wholesome – considering that Wonder Woman wears a rather “short” outfit.



If you’ll try to twist the upper part of her body, you’ll notice that there could be some missing plastic parts and missing paint apps – not sure if it was intentionally made to appear as such.


The face plate is quite tricky to put – you need t make sure that it’s placed very secure else you’ll notice that there’s a bit of gap between the face and the hair.




Also, this figure features the digital pint transfer for the face paint app, you’ll notice some small dots if you look at it closely – from a far, it looks perfect!


Overall, if you are into the DC collection line, then this figure is a must have. Also, it would be nice if you’ll place it together with the rest of the S.H.Figuarts Justice League figures. Stay tuned for more S.H.Figuarts Justice League review on my site – my next review would be the Figuarts “Batfeck” figure.





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