Toy Review: Arrow Season 3 Figure

Since DC will be launching the new figure (Season 4, with Barry Allen/The Flash) of the Green Arrow series this December, I thought of doing a quick toy review on the Season 3 figure.

You’ll notice something different with the season 3 figure if you’ve seen the seasons 1 and 2 figures, the new Ollie is slimmer and greener than usual. Off the bat, I can say that this is the best Arrow series figure DC has produced.

What’s good about the new figure would be the improved articulation. As you can see in the image below, the knee caps are added for better figure bent. The arms can be raised sideways – the first 2 Arrow figures can’t.

Another new thing DC has added to their figure production would be the interchangeable hands – now have more variations when posing Ollie. The arrows have different spear heads although they didn’t produce the “bundled arrows” this time around.

I have to point some bad things about the figure – well, I only have a few. First would be that the quiver is too small for the different arrows to fit in his quiver. I’m not sure why they did this but currently you can only fit 1-2 arrows in his quiver.

Next would be the paint job specifically on the hands. The Green Arrow looks like he has a mole in his face but that’s not my issue, it’s more of the paint on the hands that chips off when the bow would be placed on his hands. I think they could do a better paint finish on this in the future to avoid the pain tot chip off – my solution for this is a black sharpie!

Overall, the Green arrow figure improved a lot! from the face mask improvement from the articulation. I have to mention that this figure looks a lot like Stephen Amell now which makes this figure the best looking one out of the three Arrow figures DC has released. I am excited to get the Season 4 figure because the costume would be new although I hope that the quiver would be bigger.

DC did not fail this city with this figure.