Toy Review: Dragon Ball Legends Collab Trunks

This is another review for a Banpresto mini-statue and this time it’s for the Dragon Ball Legends Collab Trunks figure. Again, this figure will be all about the details of the figure from the texture, paint apps and other small details.

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Box Design

The box design shows very much what you can expect from the contents of the box – a full figured and well-sculpted Trunks figure.

Here’s a quick unboxing video that I shot, so if you want to take a quick look on what to expect – go ahead and check this video out!

What you see from the box art is pretty much what you’ll get inside.


The contents of the figures are separated into three parts – upper body, lower body and the figure base stand.


Figure Details

Since this review is mainly focused on the details, most of the shots and review would be geared towards the close ups and etc.


The hair was nicely painted at almost at a two tone purple – lighter and darker shade. I liked how they added some flicks to the hair and the face had some noticeable dimples and texture.


The details on the suit is also nicely painted – the texture and the paint app shades are nicely made. The details on how the suit have creases made it very detailed.



However, I wished the the logo patch for the Capsule Corp had a matte finish as well as it stands out too much as it seems glossy for the overall look of the figure.



Going on the lower part of the figure, the coloring of the pants has some gradation – a combination of a dark and light shades of brown. The neat thing about this is that the shading made it appear to have considerations on the lighting.



A pegged hole is also present on both sides of the sole of the feet to connect to the figure’s base.


The details on the pants was nice as I’ve said earlier – although I feel the boots should’ve had some of that color treatment as well.


One noticeable flaw would be that the torso attachment can loose its pain once combined with the lower part of the figure. It won’t be seen though as it goes inside to connect each other – this might not be an issue for some.


Here’s a side-by-side photo of the figure – the statue can stand on its own even without the base.




See how the pants are nicely painted you can see the change of gradation from the top to bottom and front to back. This is one of my favorite detail about this figure.


The figure stands roughly at 24cm in height, the weight is quite hefty at 358g – the figure is pretty solid for it’s size!

Overall Rating

If you’re into collecting Dragon Ball figures and merchandises, I think you shouldn’t miss out on this figure! This Trunks mini-statue is definitely a good addition to your growing collection!



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