Toy Review: Figma 358 Hinata Shoyo – Haikyu!!

Shoyo Hinata from the anime series Haikyu is probably one of the most determined protagonist that I’ve seen. Hinata has been very passionate with volleyball from episode one until the current. His over-the-top personality matched with Kageyama’s seriousness is really something to watch out for in the Haikyu series.

Today’s figure review will be about the first Haikyu figure from the Good Smile Company’s figma line. Visit GreatToys Online to see more toys and figures up for sale!


Box Design

The box design is rather simple, it has the accent of the Karasuno High’s jersey colors – black and orange – which I find very nice.


Always remember to buy only from trusted sellers and resellers! Look out for genuine product seals!



A reminder was added inside the boxes flap as well – this is for the volleyball net.


Our friends from GreatToys Online added an authenticity seal located on the box to ensure that you’re getting the legitimate copy of your favorite figures!


The box is also smaller in size compared to the other/earlier figma boxes released.

First Thoughts

Since this is the first Haikyu figure out from the figma line, it got me very excited. The first figures that the Good Smile Company did for Haikyu was for their Nendoroid line.



The main reason why I liked this figure is that it’s fully articulated – you can do many volleyball poses with it.


What’s Inside the Box?

Don’t let the small box deceive you. The set contains tons of accessories from interchangeable parts to even a volleyball net. The figma set includes interchangeable hands and face plates, ball, water bottle and a volleyball net set which includes the stands, bases and the net. The standard figma stand and base are also included in this set.



I would like to commend a small improvement point that the Good Smile Company did for the plastic bags for accessories. They’ve added a light plastic seal on their bags whichs makes it easier for the users to remove the contents from the bag! This is a very simple change but very ingenious and helpful in my opinion.


You need to remove the blue film attached to the clear acrylic plastic in the net before you can use it.


You can use the hard plastic pegs to connect the 2-part nets together to form a bigger net.


Figure Articulation

The only issue I have with most of the figma figures is that it tends to get loose easily. The pegs are designed to be very movable with parts that you can plug in and out. Overtime upon doing this, the plastic parts tends to get loose. I hope the Good Smile Company would address this issue in their future figure releases.

I still liked how this figure has many points of articulation which is really commendable.





There is an additional hand part which simulates a volleyball “dig” action – you’ll need to bring together the arms to do this forme.


The foot has a side movement which is very apt for a volleyball stance.


Figure Details

The figure has good paint apps and attention to even the tiniest details. Of course, the figure looks 100% like the anime version of Shoyo Hinata whoch is really cool!


The details on the shoes looks like a Mizuno produced shoes.


The Good Smile Company have always been very consistent in delivering a well painted and nicely produced figure and this one is no exception.

Overall Rating

I highly recommend this figma figure, I’m quite sure that we’ll be seeing the rest of the team in the near future. I would say that you need to get your own Hinata figure from figma before the rest of the team would be out – it might be harder for you to collect them.








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