Toy Review: S.H.Figuarts Batman – The Dark Knight

Even before “Batffleck” was became a trending topic, we had the Christian Bale’s very impressive interpretation of Batman in the Christopher Nolan’s the Dark Knight Trilogy.

I’ll be unboxing S.H.Figuarts’ second Batman figure release, the Batman figure from the Dark Knight trilogy. This unboxing review is brought to us by Great Toys Online.


The box is just similar to the other S.H.Figuarts’ boxes, average in size and almost square in share. Again, since the boxes are in different sizes for most of the DC releases of S.H.Figuarts would be difficult to store (Maybe it’s just me.)


This figure set only has few accessories – but it has many interchangeable hands to make up for the few accessories.


The suit of Batman is well sculpted in this small figure, you can see the details in the suit making it appear very movie accurate. The cape is made out of a small black cloth – better than the capes they made before which are plastic. What’s good about the black cloth cape is that it is more poseable and flexible in terms of taking photos of it – simply because it’s made out of cloth. The cloth has a wired lining stitched on the side’s hemline, give that it has wires – you can actually bend the wires to create various poses of the cape although you need to take a photo of it quickly because the wires are not flexible enough to stay in its place once its bent.



One thing that you also need to notice with most of the SHF figures is the interchangeable heads are not consistent – meaning where the pegs are located, at times in the head and sometimes at the neck part of the figure. I hope that Bandai SHF would have a way to standardize this.


The accessories included would be Batman’s version of a shuriken (2 sets) and 2 guns – a hand gun and a different looking arsenal which he used in the movie when he was in Hong Kong (the weapon was collapsible in the movie)



I also liked how they made the details in the forearm very accurate , you can see the details/texture in the suit as well – the paint apps are also very nice.





The figure also has a nice articulation – it has ab-crunch, ab-twist, leg and hand articulation, joints has padding which is part of Batman’s suit. The weapon holsters has a very nice detail to it as well.




If you’re already into the hobby of collecting Batman figures (or even if you’re not) and toys, you might want to consider adding this to your collection. I’d say that this figure, though with limited accessories, is really worth your money. You may check out GreatToysOnline’s website and Facebook page if you want to order your own SHF Batman Dark Knight figure.