Toy Review: S.H.Figuarts Suicide Squad Deadshot

It all started when a Gotham citizen presented himself to the Mayor of Gotham as a reliever for Batman and Robin when the said superheroes took a time off from crime fighting and went on a vacation. This man is named Floyd Lawton, a tuxedo-wearing multi-millionaire vigilante from Gotham that pretended to be at the aid of citizens but in reality he was plotting a bigger plan to conquer Gotham. Batman and Robin soon uncovered Floyd’s plans and he was sent to Belle Reve when eventually he was set to be a part of the incarcerated supervillains who carry out secret missions for the federal government by Amanda Waller’s group called the Suicide Squad. From then on, the tuxedo-wearing Floyd Lawton is now called Deadshot.

The Suicide Squad made it into the big screen in last year in DC Films’s Suicide Squad movie; there are mixed reviews about the film but for me it was a bold move by DC by adding humor to its movies (which they did again for Wonder Woman). With the film’s success, many toy manufacturers actually made their versions of some of the characters from the film and Bandai was one of them.

I’ll be unboxing Bandai’s S.H.Figuarts Suicide Squad Deadshot figure. Today’s review is brought to us by GreatToysOnline.


As I said in my earlier reviews, I find the boxes for the S.H.Figuarts inconsistent interms of sizes which makes it harder for me to store them in one place but the box is not really whats important about this review rather the one inside it which is the S.H.Figuarts Suicide Squad Deadshot figure.

This set only has few accessories because most of the accessories are already part of the main figure’s design which are fixed and cannot be removed from the main figure. There are 3 sets of interchangeable hands – the closed fists, open hands and the posed hands (gun hold and pointing finger). The main accessory for the Deadshot figure would be it’s sniper/shotgun that is colored thematically to match his suit.





The details on the figure are very well painted, pain apps on the small details especially on the accessories and the holsters have a nice paint detail. The figure also has a good texture detail which makes the suit more realistic.

The figure’s joint are pretty much the same with the new SHF figures, it has a better and more durable joint and pegs. The knee articulation is hidden through a knee pad that is part of his suit.


The figure has 2 different head options, the “Will Smith” head and the “masked” head.



If you’re planning to get this figure to add to your collection, please do. Even if the Deadshot set has limited accessories, the details that were put into the figure is pretty amazing and very well worth it. I’ll be doing an review of the other figure from the same movie, the S.H.Figuarts Suicide Squad The Joker figure.


You can see the rest of the Suicide Squad SHF figures for retail at


I’ll be posting more figures from GTO in my next toy reviews.