Toy Review: Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto

Since we’re in the holiday season already, I’ve decided to gift myself with a prop replica of Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto from Hasbro. I’ve been a fan of the prop replica releases of Hasbro as it has been very movie accurate when it comes to its details. This review will be a quick one since I will be focusing more on the details in the figure.

Box Design

The box design pretty much gives you an idea of what to expect inside. The product photography they did in the box art really gives justice to the figure’s superb details and looks. It is, of course, smaller compared to the rest of the prop replica that Hasbro released – I have the Infinity Gauntlet and I have to say, keeping to the box is space-consuming!




First Thoughts

When the prop replica was first teased for its release, I really made sure that I’d get one since Doctor Strange is one of my favorites in the MCU heroes lineup. I really like how accurate the replica is to the movie version, of course, the cord and other stuff might be different but the main talisman really looks identical which I love.


What’s Inside the Box?

The set includes the Eye of Agamotto or the talisman, the Time Stone or the green orb, and the replica stand. Although this is battery-operated, the set didn’t come with two AAA batteries.




Figure Details

The main thing I really liked about the prop replica would be the tiny details in the engravings which made it look and feel very genuine and real. The Eye of Agamotto replica is quite light in weight even if it is quite big in size. it’s about 19.8cm in height together with the stand, so if you plan to make it as a centerpiece in your collection cabinet, it would hold on its own with its striking appearance.




You can open and close the Eye of Agamotto manually with the button a-top the replica and you can also remove the Time Stone from inside with the button at the back.



The lace is quite stiff but as you play around with it more it tends to be more flexible. The replica is battery operated which benefits more of the Time Stone inside.


The Time Stone actually glows when you open the talisman and even if you remove it – a quick charge from its port would still make it glow even on its own.



Overall Rating

If you’re a fan of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe films, then this is a no-brainer to get and to add to your collection! Imagine having this beside your Infinity Gauntlet, Mjolnir, or what have you. I really liked how it looked and the price is quite reasonable if I may say so myself. This is a perfect gift from yourself to yourself – this is what I literally gifted myself this year!






You can get the Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto at the following links below:

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