Toy Review: Nendoroid 772 Sawamura Daichi

Daichi has got to be my favorite out of all the players from the Karasuno Men’s Volleyball. This is also the first Nendoroid figure review from the Haikyu anime series.

Daichi is the team captain and is excellent in defense when it comes to playing. I really liked his character because he sets the mood and the morale for the team. He’s such a  good character that’s why he is my favorite. I’m very excited to share my thoughts on this review for the Daichi Nendoroid fiugure!

This review was made possible thanks to our friends from GroundHog. If you need to scout for older figure releases – they are the answer! Check out their site to know more! I really like how the price are almost close to the original yen SRP – super worth it! I have to mention as well that this set currently has no active re-release that’s why I got it from them.


Box Design

The box is very simple and small as it conforms to the new Nendorid box size – don’t let the box fool you though as this set packs a good amount of accessories in it. The design of the box gives a good hint of the Karasuno’s team colors – orange and black.


The figure is also produced by the Orange Rouge company. I liked the inclusion of a spot-uv volleyball print on the box – this is also a way to check if your figures are authentic. Be sure to only get from trusted sellers!





First Thoughts

Initially, I was quite hesitant in purchasing a single figure for the Haikyu Nendoroid line – simply because there are a lot to get. Well, after much contemplation, I’ve decided that I’ll be starting if I get Daichi as my first figure. Since he’s my favorite character – I was really excited for this figure and it did not disappoint.


I really liked how the figure is quite close to how I expected it to be. I also liked that this is not using the jointed parts.

What’s Inside the Box?

As I mentioned earlier, this set packs a ton of accessories. The set includes a Karasuno High jacket, a volleyball, interchangeable hands and arm parts, interchangeable faceplates, a defense stance pose for the legs, the “Fly High” banner, figure and ball stands and a volleyball court themed base.




The base is quite tricky though because if you see below, there are lines as it represents the court. It’s bigger than the standard Nendoroid bases but since it has a line. Basically, you need to collect the rest of the figures to complete the court.


Here’s a quick simulation of what the bases are and where to get them. Suga and Tsuki are also different as the white lines are single but they are placed nearer the net. If you’re also wondering where the net are, they’re included in the Hinata and Kageyama figure set.


Figure Details and Articulation

The figure is nicely painted, the jersey color is really painted well in the figure. The thing that I really liked about this set is that it didn’t use the joint parts. The interchangable arms are better for this kind of figure as the poses that it could do would closely resemble how they play similar to the anime series.


Fact: If you’re also not familiar, jersey number with underline connotes that they are the team captain.




I also like the face plates that ware included in this set as it really represent Daichi – the grin is almost how he is when receiving a ball from a killer spike and the happy face is how he is with his team when they celebrate small victories.


I also liked the small embossed details added in his hair – they also got his signature standing hair notches which is a good addition to the overall look of the figure.


The disadvantage of having a non-articulated parts especially for the foot, is that it makes it harder to balance the figure without the stand. I liked the inclusion of the receiving stance as it pairs well for the digging arm part.



I wished that there were also spiking arms or blocking arms for Daichi as he can also do that in the series – I think this is my only issue for this set.



Overall Rating

Since I’ve already collected one from the Haikyu series, expect to see more reviews coming soon. If you’re new to the Haikyu Nendoroid collection, you’re just in time as The Good Smile Company has been issuing re-releases for the Haikyu figures. This set is a a must if you’re starting as Daichi is a core character for the team – you wouldn’t want to have him left out right?


If you’re worried that your favorite character in Haikyu wouldn’t have a scheduled re-release and yet you want to get one – you just need to contact GroundHog. They’d be more than happy to assist you in looking for rare finds in Japan! I recently bought a hard-to-find figure from them and I have to say the price was as close to how it was when it was released! Check out their page to know more!









This is probably one of my favorite shots that I took. Expect more from the rest of the Karasuno team!


Be sure to check out the site frequently as I will be reviewing more Haikyu figures in the near future!