Toy Review: Pokémon Helpful Desktop Figures

Imagine having a messy work desk at you office, wouldn’t this add to your stress at work? With the help of the Pokemon Helpful Desktop Figures or as I call it – The Office Buddies – your cluttered workspace would be fun to look at again. Well, this is what happened to my work place.

The Pokemon Helpful Desktop Figures is a set manufactured by Re-Ment. This set comes is 8 different designs which is also a functional display for your office supplies. Imagine the fun of pulling out a pen from Pikachu or Squirtle? Or getting your business card from the heavy Pokemon Snolax? Sounds fun right?

I’ll start with the non-starter office buddy, the Mew Earphones Holder.


This Mew earphones holder is a bit tricky because you need to really coil-up the wires from your earphones for it to hold into place. This is not suitable for heavy earphones because it might topple down if you put in heavy earphones – of course headphones won’t be compatible.


Next would be the rubber band holder, Gengar.


This office buddy is a bit tricky to use, one if you’re not usually using rubber bands you won’t need it and two, the tongue hangs a bit low so the rubber band wont really hang onto the tongue. Although, for its pose, you can just take a good creepy Gengar photo using this figure.


Up next is the Bulbasaur “stamp” holder.


The original function of this figure is quite specific to that of a stamp holder and in the Philippines stamps are shaped differently so you might just think of another use for this holder. In my case I used it as my Flash Drive holder since it can hold short and long objects.


Next is the Charmander paper clip holder figure.


This is actually good figure even without the clips. I like how it was molded because you can take creative photos with it. Given that it’s a good figure, I just display it on my desk and I don’t really use it as a holder – mainly because I don’t use paper clips.


There are two pen holders in this set, Pikachu and Squirtle pen holders.


Personally, I like the Squirtle pen holder better because it looks better although I sometimes find it hard to balance the pen especially if you just quickly put the pen in the holder. On the other hand, the Pikachu pen holder has a better “holding” feature than the Squirtle one.


Next is the Pikachu mobile phone holder.


This is one of the most useful figure for me especially when I’m watching videos on my phone because it holds my phone perfectly.


The last figure would be my favorite, the business card holder Snorlax.


This is my favorite figure simply because this is the most useful for me and I like how they made the slammin’ Snorlax figure. The downside in this figure though would be the limited number or cars that you can put into the holder, it can’t really hold many cards – you can only fit up to around 10 thick business cards.


If you like Pokemon and you like to see them everyday at work, I highly recommend that you get this set. This set is not available locally (in the Philippines) but you can check out many Facebook Market groups that offers this set – that’s how I got mine. The set is not cheap, it’s at Php 2K (roughly USD 40) but it still worth it for me, especially that I have another excuse to put figures on my desk because I can say that these are “office supplies”.