Featured Toy Photographer: Ky Grace Parker @captaindangerous

Whenever I see photos of Kirby, Link and Luigi on Instagram – the only person that comes to mind is @captaindangerous a.k.a. Kyleigh Grace Parker! I can say that she really made these figures as her signature figures in almost all her toy photography.

Just so everyone is well informed, Ky is a Nintendo of America and a Good Smile Company Ambassador – talk about being very influential! She is also the brand ambassador for the Wicked Cool Toys. I’m pretty sure that given her credentials many fans aspired to be like her – well for one, I do aspire to be like her!

So far, I’ve featured many inspiring toy photographers in this site – if you want to check those out – feel free to browse through the site. Well, it’s time to start our interview with Ky!

When did you start taking photos of your collection?

“I started taking photos of my toys way back in 2013. I was already a toy collector even before I started toy photography. It was a fun hobby for me and I really like expressing my toy’s emotions through photography.”
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What inspires you in taking photos?

“As you can see in most of my shots, I really like nature. Most of my photos are as natural as it can be – I mostly take photos outdoor and I love using natural light.”



“I also love the forests around me – it inspires me a lot in taking photos of my figures.”



What your favorite toy line?

“I am a huge fan of the Good Smile Company’s Nendroid line. Basically most of what they have – I love.”



“If you’ve been following my works, you can see that most of my shots are with Nendoroid figures – that’s how I love this figure line!”



What kind of camera are you using for your toy photography?

“I use a DSLR camera because I need to produce good quality photos.”


“My shots are mostly close up shots thanks to my 100mm Macro lens, it gives me good depth in my photos and it gives a good perspective of the scene as well.”



Most of the toy photographers has their own style, what can you say your style is?

“I’d say it’s more of ‘whimsical’ style – I like the dreamy feel to it as I like making my photos very surreal.”


“I think that’s one of the goals in taking photos of toy- to make it alive and for it to exude a certain feeling when it’s being seen my people.”


“I always make it a point to tell a story in my shots, you can see it in all of my photos. Like when I always make Kirby appear to have a big appetite by adding a real fruit in the shot as if he ate it.”


I guess Kirby is your favorite then but just for everyone’s information, what is/are your favorite figure/s?

“Kirby! Even though he looks very simple, the limitless possibilities of thinking how to shoot him makes it very fun and more exciting for me!”



“I also like some Pokemon figures which is mostly in my IG feed currently.”



How was it like to be part of the ambassadorship line of Nintendo of America?

“It’s so Incredibly humbling and amazing being part of the team! I’ve done few featured interview with them and every time I was there, it was a blast for me!”

“I have been with them for over 4 years now and I am really grateful for the experience I have with them.”


Was there any particular favorite experiences or events that you had with Nintendo of America?

“I have to say every singe event has been incredible. My favorite part is getting to see my Nintendo family from all over the country.”

“The Luigi’s Mansion event was probably my favorite though! This photo was inspired by my experience in the E3 Expo during the Luigi’s Mansion launch.”


I’d also like to ask your experience being a Good Smile Company Ambassador, how was it like?

“I’ve been working with GSC for almost a year now and the experience has been very amazing so far! I’ve also been to their US office and it’s amazing – so many figures in all corners of the room!”


What advise can you give to those who follows you and aspires to be like you??

“Be yourself!”


“Find your own unique twist to the art form.”


“Let yourself shine through your work. :)”



That concludes my short interview with Ky. I really love how down to earth she is despite having may successes in her toy photography career. At first I was very hesitant in asking her to be part of this feature because her achievements are very intimidating – but I really was amazed on how genuine she is.

She’s not only a talented and good toy photographer, she is also a kind person and a very good friend! Thank you again Ky, I’m sure you’ve inspired many aspiring toy photographers!

To see more of her works, visit her links below!

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