Toy Review: Digimon Adventure Digivolving Spirits 06 AlturKabuterimon

The Digivolving Spirits line for the Digimon series is adding another figure in their collection – the AlturKabuterimon figure. Currently, I’m amazed on how great the figures are turning out – Bandai really did a remarkable job on this.

The really cool thing about this figure set is that you get to have two figures in one. This AlturKabuterimon transforms into its rookie form which is Tentomon.

I’ve already covered the earlier releases of the Digivolving Spirits figure, you can see the reviews below:

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The photos for this review would feature a step-by-step transformation from AlturKabuterimon to Tentomon.

Box Design

Another cool thing about the Digivolving Spirits figures would be the box art – this is where you’ll visualize the transformation from its Rookie form up to its Ultimate form.

The way they drew the characters has a very classic 90s feel to it – very detailed and full of color blending.


Always check your figure’s authenticity through holographic seals produced by the manufacturer. In this case, Bandai added a Tamashii Nations quality seal in this box set.


The box art also includes a the Digicrest icon for Tentomon.



First Thoughts

Looking at the built of this figure, I’m quite sure that hiding the details for either Tentomon or the AlturKabutermon form wouldn’t be a problem. We’ll know more as I build the figure from its ultimate form down to its rookie form.


What’s Inside the Box?

Aside from the figure, the set includes a base stand and two types of interchangeable pegs for the stands for the either forms. What I liked about the Digivolving Spirits figures is that you don’t really need the accessories to make the set complete.



Figure Articulation and Details

Much like the other Digivolving Spirits figure, this figure also has metal die cast parts. The die cast parts on this figure is located mainly in the antennae and the chest part of the figure.



The transformation from the default AlturKabuterimon to Tentomon is quite easy to do. Here’s a step by step photo guide on how I did it.






The paint apps on this figure is really nicely done. The metallic sheen on the back of the AlturKabuterimon figure give a nice realistic feel to it. The details on Tentomon’s eyes are nicely done as well, you can really tell that this creature is inspired from an insect because of the texture on its eyes.





So far, this has got to be the easiest Digivolving Spirits figure to transform. The transition from AlturKabuterimon to the Tentomon figure is very seamless.

Overall Rating

If you’re a long time fan of the Digimon series, then getting this set would be a no brainier for you. I highly recommend this figure simply because the details for both he paints and its forms are well thought of.

Bandai and the Tamashii Nations team really did an amazing job in prod cuing this figure.

The next Digivolving Spirits figure is also announced in this set, Magna Angemon. Stay tuned for my review on that figure!


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