Toy Review: Dragon Ball S.H.Figuarts Bulma’s Capsule No. 9 Bike

If you’ve read my review about the S.H.Figuarts Bulma figure, then you’re on the right review page! This is a review on the Dragon Ball S.H.Figuarts Bulma’s Capsule No. 9 Bike. This figure set is a hundred percent compatible with the S.H.Figuarts Bulma figure.

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Box Design

The box design is quite consistent in design with the rest of the S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball Adventure Begins series. The size of the box is relatively big as the figure inside is quite bulky – you really get your money’s worth on t his figure!


Compared with the Bulma’s figure box, the size is almost thrice the size.


Remember to always be on the lookout for authenticity seals and stickers to make sure your figures are legitimate and original!


First Thoughts

As I said earlier, the box is quite big because the figure is relatively big too! I’m quite surprised about the weight of the figure as it has a nice hefty feel to it. I’m pretty sure that those who would be considering purchasing this figure would be very happy to own one.


What’s Inside the Box?

The set includes fewer accessories for the capsule itself but it includes Kid Goke as part of its set! The accessories included in the set also include an optional skirt part for Bulma so that she can sit in the capsule, bike grips, and even a figure stand!



Figure Details and Articulation

The figure set is very basic when it comes to its articulation points, similar to how a normal motorcycle would operate – it can be twisted from either side. The wheels also work when you try to drag them around.



Details from either side are also quite same in appearance. without the top cover, it might be confusing for you too.



Since I have not much to say about its articulation points, I’ll be focusing more on the details of the figure. The figure is nicely painted, even though the dominant color is white the accents of silver and red are nicely placed on the vehicle. Intricate details from the motorcycle’s small dashboard are nicely added – the mirrors also are a good addition to the overall look of the vehicle.



For you to place Kid Goku together with Bulma inside the capsule – you would need to change the red seat part at the back with the one with a peg provision for Kid Goku.



If you want Bulma to sit in the capsule, make sure that you change her skirt attachment which is included in this set.


Overall Rating

I really liked the Bulma Figuarts figure for its simplicity and I think I’m also liking this set for the same reason. But, I’d have to say, purchasing this would be really worth your money! If you’re already a Dragon Ball S.H.Figuarts collector, then this is a no-brainer for you!

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