Toy Review: McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Green Arrow

It’s been a while since a Green Arrow figure was released the last figure I had was the Mezco figure. If you want to read the figure review for that, you can check out this link. This is the first time I’m going to cover a figure from McFarlane Toys – they’ve recently launched many figures for the DC Multiverse.

What better way to start this McFarlane Toys review than by covering one of my favorite DC Comics character – the Green Arrow. The Green Arrow figure that they’ve made was the Season 6 (2018).  My personal favorite suit is still from Season 4 because it’s more similar to the Rebirth suit. The DC toy line is quite diverse because also has the DC Direct which also features DC Multiverse characters. I guess there are more options now for the toy collectors.

Box Design

I was surprised about the box itself, I didn’t think that it would be that big. The box design is mostly same with the other McFarlane toys, the only difference would be the artwork at the back as it features the photo of the figure itself.



First Thoughts

The last figure review I did for Green Arrow was around 2017 when I covered the Mezco figure. That’s why I was very excited when they’ve announced this figure last year! McFarlane Toys has already been in the market before selling movie or horror figures. Many were surprised that they took on the license for the DC Multiverse! It’s always good to see DC figures on the shelves of normal toy retailers.



This Green Arrow figure has got to be the the closest replica of Stephen Amell’s face. It’s really amazing how they did the digital printing of the face. The other DC Direct Arrow figures were not close to Amell’s face.


What’s Inside the Box?

The set includes few accessories which I find very disappointing. The set comes with a bow and arrow – literally attached, a quiver, a set of bundled arrows, a figure stand and a top card. The inclusion of the top card made this figure a real collectible item – I like how it feels very nostalgic having a top card included in your toys.




The top card also has some information about the figure and where it was copied from.

Figure Articulation and Details

The Green Arrow figure stand at approximately 7.5″ tall, taller than the other Green Arrow series figures released by DC. (Arrow Season 4, Arrow Season 5-6, Arrow Season 3)


The articulation points are quite limited, posing may be an issue for your when you try to pose him. The issue I had when I was posing him was the head was hard to twist from inside to hood as the hood is not as flexible.



The head tilt is quite hard to manipulate as well. Given the limited motion on the head, posing him in various angles might be difficult for others. The joint articulations are actually nice, you can see that all joints are very detailed and made to really do many poses – but the limited head movements limits the entire figure.



Standing pose is nice but since the set doesn’t come with an additional interchangeable hands, you might find it weird that his hands are opened rather than having a closed fists.



To make up for the lack of articulation points, the paint apps and the other suit details were nicely done. The details in the sleeves having some texture is a great addition to the overall look of the figure.




Like I said in my first impression, I was really amazed on how accurately they copied Stephen Amell’s face. I also wished that they made the bow and arrow separate – I don’t like that the arrow is already attached, I find the bow string to be too thick.



Overall Rating

If you’re already collecting DC figures, this is still a nice addition to your collection especially if you’re planning to get your other McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse figure!





You may check McFarlane’s Lazada page if you’re planning to buy your own figure! Click the link of photo below!


I’ll be unboxing and reviewing more toys in the near future – stay tuned and make sure to bookmark this site!