Toy Review: Nendoroid 917 The Flash Justice League Edition

The Flash has got to be one of the most important characters in the DC Comics or even the DC Universe. Some of the most memorable comic storylines involves the Flash, one of those would be the “Flashpoint” saga. The Flash made its way to the DC movie-verse and I personally think that he did not disappoint. Ezra Miller did a good job in portraying Barry Allen in the Justice League movie.

Today’s review will be all about Barry Allen himself – The Flash Nendoroid figure. Thanks to our friends from GreatToys Online for providing this figure for review! Check out their stores and online sites to know more about the toys and figures up for sale.


Box Design

The box design is rather small in size if you compare it to the Nendoroid Superman figure. Again, the is due to the packaging changes from the Good Smile Company. Though the box may be smaller, the content of the box won’t disappoint you!


Always remember to only purchase from authorized dealers or resellers, be on the look out for authentic seals and stickers when you purchase you figures!



First Thoughts

When the Good Smile Company first revealed their production photos of the Nendoroid Flash figure, it got me very excited. Well, the final produced figure is really cute and the quality is very commendable.




The Flash Nendoroid figure made it to my list of favorite owned Nendoroid figure. I really liked how simple it is but at the same time the details on the figure are very movie accurate.

What’s Inside the Box?

The set includes an ample amount of accessories like the standard figure base and stand, interchangeable face plates and hands and the “speed” effects.




The unique accessory that is included in the set would be the running feet accessory which gives you a running effect for Flash.


The speed effects can be attached to the Flash’s joints making him appear to be running fast.


Figure Details

The Flash figure, although cute in appearance, is still very movie accurate when it comes to the small suit details. What I really liked about this figure would be the head gear cos it’s very detailed.


I liked how they made the mask to be removable from the plate although i hoped they could’ve done an alternative execution for the face plate because part of the suit is left in its face.


The joints on this figure is the same with the rest of the superhero Nendoroid figures – most are bendable.




Overall Rating

If you’ve already collected Superman or Batman from the Nendoroid line, then you should be thinking of adding this guy to your collection. As for me, the Flash was my second purchase after Superman and I’d say that I am really satisfied with the figure!






You can get your own Nendoroid Flash figure at GreatToys Online. Do check out their site for more figure and toys releases. GreatToys Online is the official distributor of the Good Smile Company in the Philippines.