Toy Review: Nendoroid 1225 Pennywise IT (2017)

He is probably one of the most recognized clown – until he reveals his true form – I’m talking about, Pennywise. He’s from Stephen King’s IT movie from the 80’s. I saw the 1986 version of the movie and I was very excited when they’ve announced a remake the classic movie.

The best thing about it is that after the Chapter Two remake, The Good Smile Company decided to release Pennywise in a Nendoroid figure!

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Box Design

The box design is very simple and the black color really makes a good contrast on the white Pennywise figure. The box size is almost the same size as the Aquaman Nendoroid figure.


Always be sure to get the authentic Nendoroid figures by checking the box and other seal or stickers that could indicate its authenticity. Only get your figures from authorized resellers or dealers.


First Thoughts

I really liked how they made Pennywise eerily cute – mainly because he is in a chibi form. Even though it’s cute, it still captured the creepy look the Pennywise had.



The figure also looks very patterned to the actor who played the role – Bill Skarsgård. I think this figure would go well with a Nendoroid Joker too.

What’s Inside the Box?

It’s been a while since we got figures from The Good Smile Company that has a good amount of accessories, good thing this set does not disappoint.


The set includes an additional face plate, interchangeable hands, a toy boat with an S.S> Georgie print, the iconic red balloon, the sewer and the default peg replacement, figure base and stand.


The balloon is semi-transparent – a good detail they’ve added as it would look weird if the balloon was solidly painted.


The box also includes an additional paper board for the sewer accessory to fit into – I didn’t realize it at first until I’ve read the box flap instruction.





Figure Articulation and Details

Despite the figure being colored white, it’s surprising to see many details added to the figure. I really like how they’ve added details on the forehead – they managed to add the make-up cracks!


The colors really give a good pop which make the figure feel alive. The paint apps on the figure is also nicely made, I like how they stayed true to the film’s colors for the outfit contrasting the white face of Pennywise.


Also, the hand written text in the paper boat is also a nice addition as it made it more authentic.


The arms and legs are bendable which is a better figure built, I guess it would be harder if we have many peg replacement parts.




They made holes on the inside of the skirt which shows a peg connecting the legs from the main skirt part. I imagine if this was a normal pegs for the legs connecting it would be more hard to move the figure and pose it.


The figure also gives a good menacing look the Pennywise had in the 2017 movie remake. As I said early they managed to make him cute and scary at the same time.



Overall Rating

I hope we get to see more iconic movie characters tuned into Nendoroid figures – those who are not Disney, Marvel, or DC of course! This is a cool figure to have especially if you saw the remake movie. Just make sure to store it strategically – you don’t want to wake up one night having this figure staring at you down. We don’t know how Pennywise thinks right?

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Here are some photos I took with the figure – I really like the fire background one as it reminds me of the eerie scene from Chapter One.


“We all float down.”






Here are some shots with the sewer accessory.



I’ll be unboxing and reviewing more toys in the near future – stay tuned and make sure to bookmark this site!