Toy Review: Power Rangers Lightning Collection Lord Zedd

Everyone was excited about the Lord Zedd figure when Hasbro announced the new Lightning Collection. Hasbro also announced their plans of taking over all Power Rangers’ franchise which includes all merchandise which made all the fans excited. The good thing about this change is that we also get to see the iconic villains from the series become 1/12 figure scale!

This review will be all about the MMPR’s iconic villain – Lord Zedd. I really wish that we see a Rita Repulsa figure very soon as they have also revealed that there is a Goldar figure coming soon. Lord Zedd is part of the first wave of figures for the Lightning Collection together with MMPR’s White Ranger, Dino Charge’s Red Ranger and SPD’s Shadow Ranger.

I got this figure from a friend in the US – he got it from BigBadToyStore. You can visit them by clicking the link in this review.

Box Design

What I really liked about the new packaging is that it’s not a blister-type packaging. Blister-type packaging are those boxes with a big clear plastic attached to a backing cardboard. It’s hard to salvage the box when you open the toy. The design is rather minimalist which is good because it can adapt to all the Power Rangers series’ look.


First Thoughts

Given that the figure is already produced by Hasbro – I’m expecting that the figure has a better articulation compared to the Bandai releases. Harbro did a great job with the figure – I really liked how the figure was well articulated and well sculpted. The figure doesn’t stray away that far from the product image which is a good thing about this figure.



What’s Inside the Box?

The set includes a few sets of accessories which includes Lord Zedd’s staff, an energy effect, interchangeable hands and a growth bomb.


Figure Articulation

The figure has over 20-points of articulation which makes it very poseable. The thing that I don’t like about this figure is that the plastic joints then to be stiff – it would take some pressure to have it move but you need to be careful.




The limitations of posing the figure would be that its tube-like veins might get in the way. Some twists and poses are not possible due to this.


The pads from the knees can be detached from the legs which basically holds the tube veins for the bottom part of the figure.




Figure Details

The details like Lord Zedd’s brains are neatly sculpted – this makes the figure looks very TV series accurate.



Normally in Bandai figures, they really don’t pay attention to the back of the figure but Hasbro did a different job.  I really liked how they added colors and details even at the back of this figure.


Overall Rating

I would have to say that this toy is a great addition of course to all your Power Ranger collection! This also fits well together with the S.H.Figuarts MMPR Figures. If you want to get your own set of the Lightning Collection – visit your nearest local toy stores on you can visit BigBadToyStore and order from their site.




I’ve mistakenly added the effect on his hand rather that his staff – but this one still looks good.