Toy Review: Volt In Box DX Soul of Chogokin Voltes V

The last time that I’ve done a review for the Voltes V toy line was last 2018 and it was for the Soul of Chogokin figure. This time, it’s going to be big as I’m going to review the most awaited figure for 2021, the DX Soul of Chogokin Voltes V figure from Bandai!

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Brace yourself, this will be a long one! 🙂

Box Design

When I said that the MonsterArts Liolaeus figure was the biggest box I’ve reviewed, well this is something else as this one is very massive! The box size is approximately 18 inches in height and it came with an exterior box when you purchase it.


The design pretty much gives you an idea of what you’re going to expect inside as it shows the different mechas that can be combined to form the Voltes V mecha. This is the box size comparison versus standard other Soul of Chogokin figures.


Remember to always be on the lookout for authenticity seals and stickers to make sure your figures are legitimate and original!

First Thoughts

Since I knew that this figure was sought after since its teaser video last year, no wonder everyone was really into it. I have to say, that it really exceeded my expectations as it’s super solid and it’s worth every cent of your money.



If I were to describe it is – it’s as if your childhood superhero appeared in front of your very eyes! The figure detail and quality are very surreal, so surreal that I even had to make a video about it! So make sure to check it out as well!

What’s Inside the Box

The entire content of the figure was not discussed in my video review as they were a lot to cover! I’ll be doing a sort of walkthrough on what you’ll see when you’ve unboxed the figure.

The first layer of the box includes the main parts and accessories of the set.


The first part of the set includes:

  • No. 1 Volt Cruiser
  • No. 2 Volt Bomber
  • No. 3 Volt Panzer
  • No. 4 Volt Frigate
  • No. 5 Volt Lander
  • Falcon Mecha (as we Filipinos know it – Mechanical Eagle)
  • Boazan Army Discus
  • Laser Sword (Sky Swoird)
  • 5 Boarding capsules (cockpit pods)
  • Voltes bazooka
  • Ultramagnetic Top
  • 2 Gatling missiles (Finger Missles)
  • 2 Chain knuckles (including the poles and chains)
  • Falcon Head for the Camp Big Falcon Base


Now that’s only the first part of it! Moving to the next layer, the second set includes the following:

  • 10 interchangeable hands
  • Voltes V’s various posed belt variations (for the Ultramagnetic Whip and Ultra Magnetic Top)


The third part includes:

  • V-effect
  • Shooting Missle for the Bazooka
  • 4 extra belt parts
  • 2 ball jointed pegs
  • 2 Vent covers
  • 2 optional wings for the Cruiser
  • 2 red cover for the Cruiser (for the formed Voltes V mecha)
  • an alternative part for the Cruiser
  • 5 holders for the boarding capsules
  • Base and stands for the Falcon Mecha and Boazan Army Discus
  • Landing pad
  • Trusses for the Camp Big Falcon Base


The fourth part mainly is for the Camp Big Falcon Base:

  • Landing Pads
  • Trusses and holders


The last part includes the main base and the remaining pads.

  • the Main Camp Big Falcon Base
  • Landing Pads
  • Test Batteries
    • LR41 x 3
    • LR44 x 7
    • AA Battery (AA) x 2


Now if you’re not yet convinced with the number of accessories, maybe the main product detail will surely convince you!

Figure Details and Articulation

The figure is mainly composed of a combination of hard PVC and metal die-cast parts which are mostly located at the jointed parts.


Surprisingly even with its stature, the figure is fully articulated. Imagine how the Voltes V figure back then was when technology had limitations, we only have limited movements to big robots which makes this a very huge upgrade.


The paint finish is made very detailed and precise, even the tiniest parts of the robot had good paint apps. The only flaw I could see when it comes to finish would be is that you can sort of see some of the sprue marks in some parts but these are very minimal.

As this figure comes with some batteries, it’s quite obvious that we should be expecting the figure to produce sounds. Well, it does! it features 27 different sound effects and lines of dialogue including the famous, “Let’s Volt In” cry. What’s really unique about this figure is that whenever you combine each mecha, the mechanical combining sound effects can be heard, similar to how it was in the animated series.

Here are some close-up shots of each mecha starting with the Volt 1 Cruiser.



The Volt 1 Cruiser has 3 wheels hidden in the entire mecha and a battery compartment also can be found in this mecha at the back of the middle flap. The battery enables the Cruiser to produce sounds and even the light for the Voltes V’s eyes.




The white part that acts as the robot’s “ears” can be changed to the red part to be consistent with the Voltes V main look.


The main cockpit can also be opened so you can insert the pod into it.


Moving to the arms for the figure, The Volt 2 Bomber.

This is where the hands are located, the hands are hidden behind the blue and yellow part of the robot where you can cover it with the blue vent parts. The main issue I’m having here is that since it’s a pull-out mechanism, changing the hands might be a challenge to some.


There are also battery and wheels compartment hidden within this robot.



The default hands’ fingers are fully articulated so you can do a lot with it when it comes to grip and other poses.


Moving to the Volt 3 Panzer which is the main body for Voltes V. To form it into either mode, you need to pull out the parts outside carefully so the wheels can be rotated to the other side.


The front part of the torso can be removed as it houses the battery compartments inside. The two triangular patterns also can be pressed for the robot to produce sound effects – the middle part also lights up similar to the Cruiser’s eye part. The “M” part is also removable and is connected via magnet, you need to remove this if you’re going to pose him while holding the sword.


The belt buckle can be removed from the main belt – so don’t panic if it falls off!


The tank wheels are made out of rubber and it can actually rotate as if it could really move.


The Panzer also has claws on the top of its part and the cockpit can be fully opened so you can insert the pod easily.


Now going to the legs of the robot, the Volt 4 Frigate.

The part also has a battery compartment hidden on the inside part of the leg. The red part on the back part of the Frigate is retractable, the switch for the lock is located on the opposite side of it.



The wing flap can be golden when you transform it to the standing Voltes V mode.


The last part of the robot is its feet which is the Vot 5 Lander.

The Lander is comprised of two parts and can be attached thru magnets so you need to be careful when handling this.


There are two cockpit compartments on this figure, you can choose from either where you want to place the pod.


Hidden behind the front part of the Lander are two pairs of drill – which is super cool as I’ve figured it out quite late already.



Moving to the Camp Big Falcon Base – the base itself acts as a landing pad for the 5 mechas and also a figure stand for the Voltes V robot as both forms can hold and house the V-effect.


The numbers on the base can be pressed as sound effects can also be heard from this – this is where you will place the 2 x AA batteries. The theme song for the series can be heard in this one as it acts as the assembly theme for Voltes V.

Overall Rating

Do I even have to convince you at this point? This figure is a nod to nostalgia, so those who are really a fan of the Voltes V series and have been wanting to own their own Voltes V robots are the main market for this figure. If I were you, I won’t think twice as stocks are really getting low.


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