Toy Review: DC TV Arrow and Flash Two Pack Action Figure

I’m glad to announce that the long-awaited 7″ Arrow Season 4 figure is now available! The new Arrow figure comes with an additional Flash figure – on why they came up with a 2-pack figure, who knows? I guess you get to have the best of both series which is awesome!

So far DC Collectibles released 2 Arrow figures in 2016. First, was the Season 3 Green Arrow figure that features a major overhaul from the past releases and the new Season 4 figure which showcases a new suit compared to the old versions. And as mentioned, this set comes with an additional figure, The Flash (I’m guessing that this is the Season 2 Barry Allen suit). This review would focus mainly on the Green Arrow figure since a HUGE Green Arrow fan.

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I can’t wait to say it but, this figure finally looks like Stephen Amell – that’s because of Keith Kopinski, you rock and I hope they get you to do and re-do othe Green Arrow figures!  I’ll share more details as I go along with this review.

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Here’s how the 2-pack box looks like, it’s basically twice the size of the regular DC Collectible  TV Series’ box.

dc collectibles toy review arrow season 4 justveryrandom 3

The side of the box shows a face-off photo of Green Arrow and The Flash.

dc collectibles toy review arrow season 4 justveryrandom 4

The back of the box is just an FYI on hat else you can purchase plus the credits to who made the figures. The figures are packaged with the usual twist ties located on the figure’s waist with a clear rubber band tied to both the figure’s legs. The accessories are secured in place with a clear tape – you need to be careful when you untie and remove the tape (collector’s concerns when it comes to the paint job, paint might chip off or it may stick to the tape).

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The Green Arrow Season 4 figure comes with the regular bow (similar to Season 2 and Season 3),  an additional 2 pairs of interchangeable hands and 3 arrows with different arrow heads (similar to the Season 3 arrows).

dc collectibles toy review arrow season 4 justveryrandom 6

The articulation on this new figure is really good, you can pose Ollie in many different ways where he won’t look forced to pose or stiff. You can move the head sideways, chest and waist, bend the arms, double elbow, double knee caps and adjustable ankle and foot action.

You can also see the details on his suit, the hood is kind of similar to how they did it for Arrow figures for Season 1 and 2 – softer PVC material. For some reason, the skin to me looks lighter, luminous so to say especially when the light hits its arms, you can see that it’s light. If you look at the figure carefully,  you’ll notice that the color of the body suit is darker compared to the hood but otherwise it’s not really noticeable.

dc collectibles toy review arrow season 4 justveryrandom 7

Ahhh the eyes! Thanks to the Keith and the mass production team, Ollie is no longer crossed eyed!

dc collectibles toy review arrow season 4 justveryrandom 8

The small button details on the body suit makes it more believable!

dc collectibles toy review arrow season 4 justveryrandom 9

dc collectibles toy review arrow season 4 justveryrandom 11

Here you can clearly see the color difference from the hood and the body suit, as well as the quiver.

dc collectibles toy review arrow season 4 justveryrandom 12

dc collectibles toy review arrow season 4 justveryrandom 14

dc collectibles toy review arrow season 4 justveryrandom 14

I’ve noticed something though, the left leg joint was not punctured correctly to the knee hole provision. I hope you guys wont have the same issue as I did. Hello, DC Collectibles team? (I hope you can read this).

dc collectibles toy review arrow season 4 justveryrandom 15

This photo may look weird but the point is that the legs can be spread like so.

Similar to the Season 3 figure, the hands can be changed from closed fists, arrow holding hands to grasping hands for both the left and right hands. You may also notice that there are pattern prints on the hands, a glove design upgrade for the Season 4 suit.

The arrows are similar to the Season 3 release as well, you have a sharp head, blunt head (for bomb spear) and a sharp bomb head arrow – but the colors of the arrow’s end is only green compared to the green and yellow colors from the earlier versions. Also, the arrow stem is back to black, they’ve changed it to a green color for the previous release. The bow is very identical to the Season 3 figure, no big changes for the bow. Even the small lining details on the suit was sculpted very neatly.

The major change aside from the suit would be the improved quiver! If you saw my review on the Season 3 figure, I was hoping for a bigger quiver as it needs to house many arrows or let alone the 3 free arrows that comes with the figure. It’s a good thing that they made it bigger, now you can add more arrows to its quiver – you can reuse the Seasons 1 and 2’s bundled arrows together with the 3 free arrows from the pack. I just wished they made a bundle arrow for this pack since this has a bigger quiver, putting 3 arrows still looks empty for me.

See what I mean?

Overall, this figure is really dope and very good. I know I said that the Season 3 figure was the best so far BUT seeing this one, I can now say this is the best-est figure to date! Down from the articulation to the face sculpt and to every intricate detail on the suit and on the overall built of the figure. I have to say that Keith Kopinski did a really, really GREAT job on sculpting this figure, for some reason the mass production of the figure was not compromised, the original sculpt/mold is still intact and detailed. I recommend everyone to get this figure!

The Season 4 really is the best among all the Arrow figure releases. I do hope that the Season 5 figure would live up to their current standard as you may all know the costume was changed back to the long-sleeved Arrow again, we’ll see. DC Collectibles, I hope you still get Keith to do the job.

Plus, it looks good with the Canary figure.

Now that we have discussed the Arrow figure, I now move on to the next one – The Flash. The figure is sculpted by the Gentle Giant Studios and Steve Kiwus, the figure is also at its unmasked form by default when you take it out of the box. The figure comes with an additional masked head and 2-pairs of hands, “chopping” form and a regular opened hands.

The pegs of the interchangeable hands are different to the Arrow figure, this is a ball-joint peg while the Arrow one was more of a stick-joint peg.

As I mentioned, the head can be swapped into either the masked or the unmasked form (which has an extra cloth accessory – the rolled up mask).

The figure has a decent articulation as well although I find it a bit stiff especially when you try to pose Barry into a running position.

The suit details are very nice as it shows the texture of the suit very well. The Flash icon on the head-piece and chest
was sculpted very neatly too!

The legs can be adjusted sideways as seen from the photo below. Chest and waist articulation is also present in this figure.

Same with the Arrow figure, this has a double knee cap articulation.

The Flash figure is a decent one but I feel that the head is slightly small for its body.

Since you get two figures in one pack this is a very sweet deal. I highly recommend all DC Figure Collectors (or even those who just love the series) to add this 2-pack set your collection.

Hmm, what DC Collectibles should I unbox next?