Toy Review: Nendoroid 719 Bokuto Kotaro

The GoodSmile Company just announced some new figures and some re-releases during the Wonder Festival 2022. One of the exciting figure re-releases will be Bokuto Kotaro from the Haikyuu!! line. I’m sure many collectors are waiting for this announcement as some of the older releases from Haikyuu!! became very expensive. I can still remember how much I got Asahi – let’s just say it was twice the price for a normal Haikyuu!! Nendoroid figure.



Since there will be a re-release for the Nendoroid Bokuto Kotaro figure, it’s just apt that I’ll be doing a review on the said figure. If you want to check out my reviews for the other Nendoroid figures – be sure to check out my site!

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Box Design

The box design is quite is consistent with the other figure releases – it’s simple yet it showcases the color of the player’s team. The box also features the same spot-UV laminate for the volleyball around the box. This is also a good indicator that what you’re getting is an authentic Nendoroid figure! This figure line is also produced by Orange Rouge – they made most of the Haikyuu!! figures.




Make sure to check the authenticity seals of the boxes and avoid getting your figure from sketchy stores – always get the authentic one so you can get your money’s worth!



First Thoughts

I’m a collector of the Haikyuu!! Nendoroid line so I may have a bias about the figure line as a whole but the Haikyuu!! line is probably one of my favorites! What I really liked about this Bokuto set is how they retained Bokuto’s personality in a toy form – you can still get a sense of who he is in the anime simply by looking at the faceplates and sample shots on the box.


What’s Inside the Box?

The accessory set for most Haikyuu!! figures have an ample amount of items and this Bokuto set is no different. The set includes the standard hands and arms parts which are based on how the character plays in the game – for Bokuto, he’s the team captain and he is also a main spiker for the team.


The set also includes alternative faceplates, alternative lower body part (hips and legs), the standard Haikyuu!! figure base and stands, a volleyball, and his team captain jacket.


Figure Articulation and Details

The Haikyuu!! figure line uses the common peg parts and not the jointed parts that you commonly see on Nendoroid superhero figures. I think having a peg replacement part is very ideal since you can hold most poses with it and if you have other Haikyuu!! Nendoroid figures, it’s very easy to swap some parts from one to the other.




The thing I liked most about this figure set is his hair, they really made a good paint app on it and it really is very anime accurate. The thing I also admire and like in most Nendoroid figures are the paint application – they always keep it very precise and neat.


Can we just admire the details that went into painting the eyes? Talk about quality – right?


I liked that they kept Bokuto’s style in the figure – so far, he is the only character I know that uses a leg compressor together with his jersey.




Overall Rating

If you’re already collecting some of the Haikyuu!! Nendoroid figures then this figure is a must-have in your collection! Now’s your chance to get Bokuto Kotaro at a good price since there will be a rerelease of this figure! You can place orders in this link if you’re interested: PRE-ORDER NENDOROID 719 BOKUTO KOTARO

One of my favorite thing to take photos of are Nendoroid figures and if you specifically ask me which line – without any hesitation my answer would be the Haikyuu!! line.