Toy Review: S.H.Figuarts Street Fighter Vega

Vega is one of the four kings of Shadaloo and M.Bison’s top trusted assassin. His fighting style is a combination of bull fighting and ninjutsu which makes his moves very unpredictable. He wears a mask to protect his face as he finds beauty very important. Vega is one of Street Fighter’s unique characters from appearance to the fighting style. I always find it hard to play his character as he feels very quick which makes it harder to control for me.

Today’s review is all about the latest S.H.Figuarts Street Fighter figure – Vega (or Balrog). This review is brought to us by our friends from GreatToys Online. To see more figures up for sale, you may visit their stores, website and even their social media sites.


So far, S.H.Figuarts already released 10 Street Fighter figures! If you want to read the earlier releases of the Street Fighter S.H.Figuarts figures, please click the links below!

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Box Design

This figure is the 10th figure from the Street Fighter line of S.H.Figuarts. The box art stays very cohesive with the rest of the released figures. The box art says Street Fighter V but if you’ve played the game – you will notice that this is not what he has on by default. The Vega that we have here is based on the Classic or Nostalgic costume from teh Street Fighter II games.


Always remember to only purchase your figures from authorized distributors or resellers – be on the look out for authenticity seals.



I liked how they’ve added the statistics of the character at the back of the box – more or less you will know the character’s abilities from this – same as the one in games.


First Thoughts

The figure of the best designed character from the Street Fighter game did not disappoint. I also liked that we get to have the nostalgic look rather than the Street Fighter V version.



The figure is very solid in appearance and I would have to say this is one of the best sculpted figures from the said line.

What’s Inside the Box?

It has been a while since we get a Street Fighter figure with many accessories although it would be nicer if a stand was included. The box includes many accessories such as the interchangeable hands, alternative head, red cloth piece, a backdrop and a set of fences and stands.



I really liked how they’ve included a physical fence set as it is part Vega’s stage – Flaminco Tavern.


Figure Articulation and Details

This figure features the “Fighting Body” articulation from S.H.Figuarts which means articulation points are more than the usual figures. There are many points of articulation for this figure which makes many possibility when it comes to posing it.


Even it’s hear is articulated so giving the figure a feel of motion is also possible.


The ab crunch is really well made as you can do a lot in terms of bending the figure in many ways. The arms and the shoulders have additional points of articulations as well.




The elbow articulation can also be bent and twisted from side to side.





What I also liked about the figure is its paint applications. The flesh tones and shades added depth to the entire figure – it gave feel of realism for the figure. I also liked how they drew on the snake tattoo of Vega as it really looked very continuous from the front print to the back.



The gold paint apps are also well painted – it feels very true as the color is not painted flat.





One bad part of the figure could probably be the head peg – it’s hard to remove and vice versa. The peg seems to be very thin which is kind of scary to swap from time to time. You have to be very careful when you’re swapping them – you wouldn’t want to break the peg. By the way, the mask is removeable as well – however you cannot use the face from the unmasked head because it has holes because of the mask pegs.



Overall Rating

This is my favorite S.H.Figuarts Street Fighter figure to date! I guess that would say a lot about my recommendations for the said figure. To sum it up, I like how it is very poseable, the figure feels very solid and well made and I can do a lot when it comes to taking photos of it! You can see how much I’ve enjoyed this figure from the photo below.












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